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W006 Wicked Violet
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W006 Wicked Violet

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Brand: Wicked Colors
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Wicked Colors paints are ultra-high performance airbrush paints intended for use on various surfaces, from fabric to paint work on vehicles. Wicked Colors are perfect for T-shirts, custom painting, illustrations, and virtually any other purpose. The water-based Wicked Colors contain a waningly minimal amount of solvent, which makes them particularly easy to spray. Wicked Colors are based on a long-term stable, weather-resistant water-based medium with automotive paint pigments for an extremely durable paint application that permanently withstands weather influences without washing out or fading.

The Wicked Colors  are suitable for all application, both those indoors and out, and only need to be ardently fixed on textiles in order to cure and harden .

Work conditions:
20º C or more as well as a dust-free work area are the ideal conditions. At low temperatures or high humidity, the hardening process can take a little longer. The hardening process can be accelerated considerably when a good air supply is provided. It is important that the air used for drying does not contain oil or moisture. Further details are provided in the section 'Fixation'. Also, please make yourself familiar with information about Wicked Glow at the end of this manual (under the heading 'Additives').

Apply the paint in several thin layers.  This is especially important when working on leather, vinyl, or any similar materials that cannot absorb the paint. This will provide you with a much better adhesion in comparison to only  an application in a thick layer. The flaking or peeling off of the paint often results due to the fact that only one thick layer is sprayed on. Allow the paint a bit of time to dry while you apply the next layer and also before the fixation (see 'Fixation').

Wicked Detail paints tend to harden best when they are allowed to dry completely before you fixate them with heat. The addition of CREATEX Illustration base shortens the drying times. You should not, under any circumstances, conduct the hot fixation immediately after applying the paint. For this, it's best to wait a good few minutes. Otherwise, a sort of film similar to latex arises, which can come off when working with masking tape at a later junction. Please denote that the hot fixation should always first be done when the paint has dried completely. When you work on metal, we recommend that you make use of a clear varnish from the automobile industry as a form of sealing in order to protect from impacts, wetness and sunlight.

For fixation, we recommend one of the following options:
Blow dryer: Place the device on an average temperature of not more than 15° C and then keep the device moving when you are using it. The fixation will be complete once the paint feels lightly heated.
Ironing press: 160° C for 15-20 seconds.
Irons: Place a cloth between the iron and the surface. Set the iron to the temperature of your material and iron the surface for about 2 minutes. If the fabrics are washable, you will need to use an ironing press or an iron.

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