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Ultrasonic Cleaner EH-3800A
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Ultrasonic Cleaner EH-3800A

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SKU: EH-3800A
Weight: 1 kg, 200 grams
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This professional ultrasonic cleaner will work really well for a wide range of products including jewelry, eyeglasses, toothbrushes and dental tools. This powerful 42,000 Hz ultrasonic frequency wave provides an efficient cleaning solution without adding chemical detergent. The extra safety will be guaranteed by enclosed and water proof container design. This cleaner provides a stainless steel tank with a 1 pint (600ml) liquid capacity to accommodate a wide range of item such as jewelry, eyeglasses and dental items.


Jewelry, Watches, Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, Bracelets, Coins, Watches Straps, Glasses & etc.


Ultrasonic Frequency 
 42,000 Hz
Tank Material
Stainless Steel SUS303
Tank Capacity
600 ml
5 Cycles, with Digital Time Display
Power Supply
AC 220 ~ 240V, 50Hz
Unit Size 210 x 150 x 140 mm ( L x W x H )

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