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Touch DIY Airbrush Cleaning & Holding Pot
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Touch DIY Airbrush Cleaning & Holding Pot

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SKU: AB-Cleaning-Pot-100100100361
Weight: 700 grams
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  • This clean pot can be used as an airbrush holder.

  • In addition, the cap can be used as a paint palette and water cap.

  • Eliminating over spray and mess in your work area.

  • Heavy glass jar; prevents the weight of an airbrush and hose from tipping over the pot.

  • Easy-to-use; insert one of the included filter pads in the filter tube.

  • Fill the jar 1/4 full with water and close the cover..

  • Add solvent to your airbrush's color cup and spray through the rubber port in the cover, flushing the pigment from the brush and into the pot.

  • Dimension: 5" diameter and 6" in height.


If using water paints or the like, please use water to clean.
If the color material is oil paints, lacquer, enamel or other oily
Materail, using the thinner or proper solvent. 



For Cleaning Airbrushes:
1. Open the cap and place the filter into the hole.
2. Place water about 1.5 cm into the pot before using.
3. Attach the nozzle to the airbrush insertion port
And inject the cleaning solvent.
4. Then fully push down and pull back on the trigger
And repeat injecting the cleaning solvent.
5. Change the filter when it gets dirty.

For Airbrush Holder:
1. Put the black holder into the small hole in the cover.
2. And attach the nozzle to the holder.

For The Palette:

1. Using the small area of the cap to mix colors.
2. Also can be used as the water container. 


Package Includes:

  • 1x Glass Jar

  • 1x Airbrush Holder (detachable)

  • 1x Filter

  • 1x Yellow Cap

  • 1x White Cap

  • 1x Rubber Grommet

* Airbrush gun not included

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