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Flat File Sanding Stick 16mm
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Flat File Sanding Stick 16mm

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SKU: sanding 204
Weight: 60 grams
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Brand: Touch DIY
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The Sanding File works just like a normal file does. Thats what makes this tool so unique! It gives you the look and feel of a tool that you already know how to use and it feels just right in your hand when you're using it. The only real difference between it and a file is that this file uses sandpaper instead of a metal abrasive. This allows you to sand those wooden areas that are normally hard to reach with bulky and hard to handle sanding blocks. It definitely beats folding, paper and folding the paper again to try and get in that tight spot. The Sanding File has a clip system that easily accepts the sandpaper strips that are included with the tool.


-It is good for fret dressing and leveling tool.
-Fit to normal size of sandpaper.
-Handy sanding tool that allows you to swap out sandpapers.
Size: 27cm (L) x 2.5cm (W) x 2.2cm (H) 

Sand paper holding size: 16mm (W)

*Sand paper is not include

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