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Diamond Grinding Bits Shank 2.4 (Super High Grade)
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Diamond Grinding Bits Shank 2.4 (Super High Grade)

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SKU: GB-2.4(SHG)
Weight: 100 grams
Stock: Stock available

Brand: Touch DIY
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  • Quality accessory for rotary tools, 3/32 in. shank size favored by professional jewelers

  • Each bit unique shape and style for filing, drilling, engraving, carving, cutting & material removal

  • High speed steel shanks with heads embedded with 240 grit industrial diamond particles

  • Hardest abrasive material available, effective on glass, tile, stone - even hardened steel

  • Compact storage case keeps bits from being damaged, easy to identify

  • Use to grinding on stone, wood, jade and etc

  • Includes 30 assorted shapes covered with diamond particles.

  • Shank : 2.4 mm

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