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24 Colors Soft Polymer Clay
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24 Colors Soft Polymer Clay

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This soft polymer clay is high ductility and plasticity. It is a safe and environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and tasteless without stimulation. There are 24 colors,can be produced a variety of cartoon characters. Great for modelling,card toppers,cake decorations and toppers,scrapbooking embellishments. Conducive to intellectual development of children. Can be re-used,if baked and can be preserved permanently.

Baked shaping method:
Put the works in the oven. A layer of tissue in the baking pan spread (or other similar objects).
Put the works on tissue which can be avoided stick in the oven. 
According to the works of adjusting the size of the baking time, adjusting temperature to 120 degrees to130 degree.
If the size is below 5CM, baking about 15 minutes, more than 5CM, about 20 minutes. 
It can be taken out after cooling.If you feel it is not enough hard,you can continue to bake about 5 minutes until it is OK.

Size : 75(L)x28(W)x8(H) mm

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